Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Off to the Nintendo fair

Recently some of the buds at NST and Retro have been buisier than normal... now there's two possible reason for this. First off, they are acting like it's crunch time... and while NST is releasing MP:H soon and therefore has a reason to be under "crunch" conditions... Retro does not have such a project to be released soon.

What this leads me to believe is that they are working on a) a Rev demo, or b) the finishing touches on a trailer. (For those of you who don't know, the original GC Metroid CG shown at Spaceworld 2000 was done in about a week by Retro when they were first given the property.)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Goodbye NinRev06 (proved fake)

Maarch @ Moz La Punk Forums:
Captain EO (ed. the person who started the NinRev05 bit) nice try fellaw took me 3 hours and a lot of googling but next time NEVER accept to give an email even to me when you are doing a Fake

You want me to explain why I say that...well follow me :

I was septic about all that discution around that guys, so I decided today to talk to that mysteriou NinRev06. After a long discution whit him he said he needed to go. Later on I talk to him again trying to get an email from him. So How to get him giving his interview maybe ? Yeah why not, after a while we conclude on an interview via email. Alway fun isnt it.

He gave me that email :

Now the interesting part start. I do a google on that. It bring me up that a little and nice forum for some sort of video. The last time it was visited was back to 2 years ago. Still I look at is profile, then again another profile, get is msn ( wich is the same that the guys gave me on AIM ) and just next to it I got another AIM


I look for NeoAnderson18 over google again ( we can really find anything whit that little thing ) and it bring me up to a website Xanga.

Nothing interesting there at first but google gave me that website, must be for a reason. I tap CTRL F on my keyboard then write neOandersOn18

It highlight, here it is, the link I wanted.

Click on it, bring me up to a blog back to 2004. Last years for the one who need to be remeber wich year we are.

Here's the Link :

Now I look at the left of the post. I got is real Name

James Schweke

I talk to Moteh over AIM and ask him what is the name give by the guys ( look at the convo he got whit him, he gave his real name but Moteh have been enough polite to not show it to us )

But here's it is, he gave only his first name beeing...James

Now that we know he's fack, I come back here to see Captain EO beeing the first one to have posted that AIM so we can all talk to him. I go to his profile, I look at the MSN, all good, now the AIM....oh what do I see !!!


So Captain Eo is NinRev06

So for the one who want to jk on this forum, next time you want to do this. Never gave an email even if it's for an interview on the mainpage of mozlapunk.

Sorry buddy your hours of glory are over

EDIT : Also for the one still beeing septical even after that. Captain EO said the AIM first got to the Luminoth Temple forum. Well our insider have made a search all over the place and NinRev06 NEVER appear on any message nor thread.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another interview with NinRev06

[20:27] gscbw5: hello
[20:27] NinRev06 : Hello again
[20:28] NinRev06 : I have just logged on and already have 3 people, that site must be popular
[20:29] gscbw5: well, the forums I saw it one has been sourced in a bunch of articles... can you blame people?
[20:30] NinRev06 : Not at all
[20:30] NinRev06 : sorry for the long reply time
[20:31] NinRev06 : But i must deal with the people i have not yet talked to first
[20:31] gscbw5: no prob
[20:31] gscbw5: I'm helping a friend through Eternal Darkness right now anyway :)
[20:35] NinRev06 : Very sorry, so do you have more questions then?
[20:36] gscbw5: well... I'm seeing online that many people are kinda sick of this information lull we're in... when will we know more on Rev? Because right now you guys are at... 8% awareness whereas Xbox360 and PS3 are around 60% and 20% respectivly.
[20:38] NinRev06 : I understand that, it annoys me slightly what they are doing but i also understand
[20:38] NinRev06 : You must see that what they did is actaully helping build hype
[20:38] NinRev06 : people are always interested in what they don't know
[20:40] gscbw5: very true... but what lies beyond the curtain is what truly interests them. The problem I see is people are making things up and making assumptions, if you guys don't give the fans something soon, things will get out of hand and people will be unimpressed with the Rev because by then their expectations will be so high because they will have fan dreams in their heads, not solid facts.
[20:41] gscbw5: I'd also like to ask, even though graphics are not something I feel is needed, will the Rev be comparable to Xbox360 and PS3 aside from HD
[20:41] NinRev06 : We have been releasing many small bits of fact
[20:41] NinRev06 : Small leaks to different places are made all over
[20:42] NinRev06 : Eventually we will do a big reveal and everything will add up nicely
[20:44] gscbw5: so far, what fans do know is it doesn't support HD, it doesn't have a hard drive (though it does support SD), it can download older games (for free or a price. we don't know for sure), and that the controller is going to be very simple compared to current gen ones (that one confounds me the most)
[20:46] gscbw5: I guess I should ask, what excites Nintendo the most about the Rev?
[20:46] NinRev06 : Ok on your first one
[20:47] NinRev06 : are you familar witht the term cube mapping?
[20:47] gscbw5: yes... it's been around for a few years... I use it for my own game on the PC
[20:48] gscbw5: many people considder that a bs bit of news btw... claiming cube mapping is a reflection technology (which it is)
[20:49] NinRev06 : It will be used on the revolution, but in a slightly different way then before
[20:49] gscbw5: so I've read...
[20:49] NinRev06 : i can't really say more because i dont fully understand it, i work in marketing not making games
[20:50] gscbw5: from my understanding, the technique can make pre-rendered game areas interactive (for lack of better terminology)
[20:51] NinRev06 : Honestly you probably know more about it then me
[20:51] gscbw5: lol
[20:51] NinRev06 : i have just been told it will play a major role in revolution games
[20:52] gscbw5: I have a question... can I get your name... you know mine
[20:53] NinRev06 : My name
[20:53] NinRev06 : may i ask why
[20:53] NinRev06 : it is *****
[20:53] gscbw5: so I have something to call you by other than hey or NinRev06
[20:54] gscbw5: ah... *****, a name I'm used to using on chat... my ***** is named *****
[20:57] gscbw5: is the Rev media (the disc) a proprietary format? I know it's 12 cm... but is it encoded differently, or burned backwards or something to prevent piracy?
[21:01] NinRev06 : It has heavy anti piracy protection on it
[21:02] NinRev06 : nintendo is having many problems with that overseas
[21:02] NinRev06 : like in china for example
[21:02] gscbw5: hmm... yet China you introduced iQue
[21:03] gscbw5: anyway... this whole controller issue, will we still be able to play more intensive games on it?
[21:04] NinRev06 : What exactly do you mean by intensive?
[21:05] gscbw5: well, a game like Kirby's Air Ride don't require many buttons, same for Monkey Ball, but say Metal Gear Solid and such... will those be playable?
[21:05] NinRev06 : Yes, because in place of buttons will be other ways to control the action on screen
[21:06] gscbw5: hmm... bviously you can't tell me
[21:07] gscbw5: also, can we still expect more "epic" and lengthy games like Eternal Darkness and such, because this whole "simple" and 'short" philosophy is a little unerving at times
[21:08] NinRev06 : I am sorry but i must go for a few minutes i will be back shortly
[21:08] gscbw5: k
[21:12] gscbw5: I must be off myself, nice talking to you *****. adios
[21:13] NinRev06 : Well bye then, and there will be more long epic games
[21:13] NinRev06 : look at the new zelda for example
[21:13] NinRev06 : More then twice the size of oca[r]ina
[21:13] NinRev06 : sorry, bad spelling you know what i mean
[21:14] gscbw5: yes... nice talking, talk again some other time :)

The interview with NinRev06 -- Explanation

Do you people all really think I would post everything about the interview? Some stuff this guy and I talked about make me believe he is the real deal. A few points I'd like to make... Nintendo Corporate Limited, Nintendo Worldwide, Nintendo of Japan are all common ways to reffer to the same offices in Kyoto, Japan. I've heard Reggie say "Nintendo Worldwide President, Satoru Iwata" and I've heard it refferd to as Nintendo of Japan on more than one occasion from people I actually know, 100%, to work for Nintendo (E3 is amazing guys, you get to meet all kinds of people).

While I do understand everyone's reaction to this all, I'm not the only person this think that this guy is legit... I recommend you take a look at the Moz La Punk N-Game forums, and you'll find more people who think this guy is the real deal.

Besides... Nintendo of Japan did try this a few years back, and as far as I know, are still doing it.

A talk with NinRev06

After a very long chat (over one hour) with the person going by the name NinRev06, I've come to a conclusion... this guy is either legit, or the most polite and intelligent fake ever. I'm leaning towards legit. Some excerpts for you:

NinRev06 : NOJ was the first to experiment with more direct fan contact through things like aim, it was a success for them so now NOA is trying it on a limited scale.

--at this point I turned on my timestamp on Trillian--

[00:45] NinRev06 : As far as HD goes
: We at NOA have been getting lots of angry letters
: mainly thanks to Matt at ign cube
: But the thing the fans do not get i[s] we have no say over the matter
: NOJ decides
[01:06] NinRev06 : The first party stuff as far as the numbers of games go will be very good on the revolution
: as far as lack of NOA advertising
: we are at a low right now
: because in a year we will need to spend tons of money advertising the rev and its games
[01:07] gscbw5: fair enough
: I would like to think you'll start this year though... Xbox360 is going to be released, and while first to market isn't the one to win, it does present a problem for you guys I think.
[01:10] NinRev06 : Unfortunatly no
: The fall winter marketing will go mostly to DS and the GC zelda
[01:13] gscbw5: Mr. Fills-Aime (a.k.a. Regginator) was quoted as saying a Super Premium promotion would start for Zelda... any idea when we'll know more?
[01:13] NinRev06 : Sometime in the fall
: there will be a collecters edition
: for [$]60
: and the marketing plan will advertise that heavily
[01:14] gscbw5: so Mr. Harrison was quoted correctly... interesting. Any news on what this will be? Hopefully not just another Master Quest (while good, it's been done)
[01:16] NinRev06 : Cannot say though i do know-what i can say
: is that it will NOT be the wind waker redone in new graphics like rumored
[01:16] gscbw5: lol... stupid April Fools jokes... same thing with Sonic in SSB:M
[01:17] NinRev06 : yes
: EGM is very good at those
: The sonic one had us laughing over here
: out hotlines for tips
: kept getting called by kids wanting sonic in ssb:M
[01:21] gscbw5: just checking... you have to realize... I'm not desperate enough to ask if your fake... and from our conversation I have very little reason to believe you are. It's just been a crazy time for Nintendo fans as of late with all the fakes and supposed insiders.
[01:22] NinRev06 : I understand, i just got asked if i was reggie even
[01:23] gscbw5: we're all on edge from it... it didn't help you guys just dangled a carrot infront of us... but if there is even the smallest N-Game being played here, it worked... I think Nintendo fans just want to see you guys at number one again, as do many smaller developers (because you people actually care about the games)
[01:24] NinRev06 : Honestly the goal for this generation
: is not to be number one
: its it to reclaim a firm number 2 spot worldwide
: and hold onto are number one handheld spot
[01:25] gscbw5: I don't care actually, I was happy with you guys even when you were number 3 worldwide... being number 2 just means we'll get even more third party lovin'.
[01:25] NinRev06 : Exactly
: Of course i would love to see us reclaim number one
[01:32] gscbw5: most of my dev team loves Nintendo... they think you guys have made some poor decisions before (connectivity being one... good idea, but not the best executed), but when it comes right down to it, people on the team who love Xbox have said: "First off, after countless hours (well, I guess 24 would suffice) of playing Mario Power Tennis, Donky Konga, Zelda (a few of them), and other games in the past day and a half, I realize now that there is no substitution for the "fun-factor" of nintendo games. Yes, Halo 2 is great fun, but it is a different kind of fun. Halo 2 just makes it fun to go around and blow ppl up, while the nintendo games keep me interested in the games, and wanting to keep playing. "
[01:34] NinRev06 : I agree with everything there
: even the connectivity
: which will be executed much better on the revolution
: as long as they stick to the current plan
Those are the real highlights. I ask everyone to not flood this guy... and be respectful... don't go "OMG!!! Are u teh real?". Be mature and show Nintendo we're not all a bunch of kids.

Also, it was very early morning when this conversation took place, spelling errors and small grammar mistake do not point to either of us bsing (1:30 my time is 11:30 his time... he looged off at 15 to midnight. He might be back, and then I shall ask him more questions.)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Putting the pieces together

No intro, right into the puzzle:

~"the holographic projector [in the controller] features a very cheap high
resolution lcd holo-display developed in japan by nintendo
with the help of sharp using licensed nasa technology."

~NASA actually does have this technology and a Japanese company did look into it for gaming technology (and since only hardware manufacturers would have use for this, we can bet on SEGA/Namco or Nintendo/Sony. The former pair could use this for arcades, but the later for consoles).

~Sharp has been working on numerous 3d display technologies for a long time, and in fact has some on the market with suprising results.

~Mitsubishi (who's Japanese counterpart is NEC, the makers of the Rev LSI) showed technology earlier this year allowing wireless be used for video singals over short distances.

~Broadcom partnered with Nintendo for all of Rev's wireless functions, including controllers, and, possibly, video.

~ATi (the makers of the Rev vid chip) have been working on frame buffer optimization for some time, a super efficient frame buffer would allow multiple players to use multiple monitors/tvs.

~Yoichi Wada (Square-Enix CEO) words: "not a portable machine, not a classic machine, its the birth of a completely new platform" (a melding of the two perhaps? That would be new).

~Numerous sources point to the IGN story about multiple displays being fake... however, they also say the tech behind it is real and they have heard of it being used with the revolution. The best know source here being Johnny Nighttrain and his sources who he's said that the source "that told me about this way back has always been spot on"

So now, the big picture based on all of these pieces (this is just speculation):

The rev could use the multi out LSI and the wireless to allow for portable gaming (imaging old school games on the controller through the on board screen, as well as new true 3d ones). IBM said Nintendo is looking to make a platform that playes games... more than one at once? Imagine the multi display mechanic in a apartment or dorm room! Wireless controllers and displays could open up whole new communites of players, especially if you take into account the earlier speculation about the Rev online service, that it would show you gamers nearby as well as your friends online as well as DSes. Imagine being able to take your revolution and controller with you anywhere and being able to play it on any TV with AV inputs, and being able to do so easily! Imagine LAN parties with just one console! Imaging families, all sitting in different parts of the house, and still playing the same game.

If you ask me, a community of gamers shouldn't be only online... this breaks down so many barriers... Split screen for households with one TV, online with friends far away, and multi-screens for families playing together in one house and for games that need secrecy (or just playing with friends and you hate split screen). Sounds to me like Nintendo can cover all the players while providing a new method to play, and a new approach to the way we look at games.

Allow me to say... Wow!

We'll see what happens.

Friday, July 01, 2005

NP playing games with us now?

Quite interesting if you ask me. This one was too much to not speculate on myself, and I do have a few observations... what is with the 3 lines going through the question mark? what is the shape in the upper right obscured by the streaks? And what the cryptic message GAME?

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Indie studios on Rev and possible leak

First off, I changed my displayed name to Moteh, a name I use on quite a few message boards and such.

Anyway, I recently contacted Nintendo about getting on the Rev, seeing as how the game we've been working on, for four years now, would fit great on a Nintendo system. But as we are not a "proven" developer they have turned us down. Oh well. Hopefully they will get a better system for indie developers like my team, becuase if they want to attract us (and our exclusive games), they can't shoot our talks down so quickly.

Anyway, this is a stretch, and I don't know how much faith to put into this. One of my former team mates has recently emailed me saying he got in contact with Andrew Jones and asked him about Metroid Prime 3. Now, for those of you who don't know (read: 99.9% of you) Andrew Jones is the lead concept artist behind Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, and he is Nintendo's only North American concept artist.

My former teamate was a modeller for us, but due to family and personal issues, he ended up leaving the team in late 2004. Last year at E3, we all got in, and we didn't see him (he got in through his brother who worked for Macromedia), but he apprently met some Retro guys and eventually got in contact with Andrew Jones.

However, enough history, I bet you're wondering what was said in the email. As I say, I have no idea if he's bs-ing or not, but he said Andrew has been working on numerous ship designs for Samus' ship... including the inside of it! This gives a little more weight to the idea you will fly from point to point on different worlds, as some people have speculated. Either way, I don't kow how reliable my friend is (he got kinda lazy as a modeller, so we don't really trust him on the team).

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wow... Rev ads, ON, and about me.

Hello there. This is my first post on blogger (I also have a personal blog on xanga), but this one was started because of all the Nintendo Revolution speculation running rampant, especially on blogspot.

Anyway, a little about me before we begin yeah? In 1999 I started a small PC dev company called Crossbeam Studios. In late 2000 we started work on our first major project, an adventure game that has been 5 years in design. We have just now started production. So you might be wondering what I know about games then, and why any of what I say matters. Well, really, it doesn't. I'm not sombody who knows the inner workings of Nintendo, I have not seen any secret info, and I do not know anyone inside Nintendo who is willing to give me secrets (though I do keep in contact with a few people who are high up in their individual teams (NST, Retro), they don't speak about the secret stuff). All I can say is, this blog will be me, talking about rumors, trying my hand to prove of disprove 'fakes', giving you my own view on rumors, current games, anything and everything I feel deserves my attention.

On to the fakes yeah? I have done a few in my time, including an ED2 one last year before SK ended their exclusivity. It got some people going, but it was just wishful thinking on my part. It took just about 15 minutes to model the character, edit the pictures for the background, etc.

So where do we go with all the new fakes? The Ads saing "Think Outside The Box"? First things first, don't fool youself, anyone can print an image on glossy paper and slap it behind glass. Secondly, any ot them could be whipped up in maybe 5 minutes in photoshop. But, there is some skill involved, fans out there do know a thing or two about marketing and graphic design. Such as the Kid Icarrus ad from years back. So, where does this leave us? The ads are either a leak (the good quality ones at least), or they are very well faked.

The one thing about most fan work, is they are sensational in what they promise, and you can usually tell when something is a dream of a fan by the fact it's exactly what fans want. It takes a smart fan to create something and yet have restraint.

If the good ones are fakes, my props to the creators. If they are real, it's about time Nintendo got some good marketing going.

On a side note, these ads are coming at an interesting time, around the time the NEW NP was announced through a press release. We all know the style is becoming more mainstream in Nintendo ads and publications, so I think we'll be seeing those ads in NP soon if they are legit.


Nothing more than a masterfully created fan work... or is it? Why would the creator of this movie be offered a position in Retro Studios? judging from the video, you would think they would be offered a position in NoA's PR department like Reggie asked him to contact. I'm not saying ON is real, I'm not saying it's fake. There is nothing to really say either way. I do hope that Nintendo's marketing reaches the same level as the ON video. And who knows, maybe this is all a viral campaign and we're all just caught in the game.

With that, right now, I'm leaving to work on my own projects. Talk to you all later.